Saturday, May 9, 2009

OK! So I have got the camera problem figured out!! AND I have got a new Canon camera on it's way to me thanks to my wonderful man.... and Air Miles! This pat week has been a whirlwind - as we have been going through the process of buying our first house!! We got the final approval from the mortgage company yesterday! The house is great! It is very unique.... and it is "artsy". I love it. i am so excited!! The master bedroom is a loft up in the house... and THAT is going to be my studio!! I will post picture when it is all set up! It is a great little space... and it is bigger than what I have now.

Now - I have started a commision. Here it is. Titled "Chip". He is a pony belonging to the cousin of a friend. I started it - and have to take a break from it - as I have to pack my studio up... and the rest of my house! We are trying to get possesion early - like three weeks from now. So I am going to be BUSY for the next few weeks!!