Friday, August 7, 2015

Pryor Mustang Removals - My Opinion

So they are doing some minor removals of horses in the Pryors. All of the horses are young enough to be adopted and made rideable. And yes they get ADOPTED. Not just to anyone. You must apply to be a family for these horses.

YES - we ALL would all love to see them all run free forever. I would love to see that without a doubt BUT the truth of the matter is that if that were the case, they'd ...likely end up starving and horribly inbred.

I used to be against the idea of the Pryor removals... But they do it in a way that is not as awful as most. The BLM does a good job at tracking the horses and controlling the herd size to ensure that they are healthy and sufficient. They administer birth control to the very young mares to avoid babies from having babies and to the older mares as they have paid their dues as mommies and their bodies deserve to just be theirs through their golden years. They choose horses that might not be genetically strong to be adopted out so they can keep the strongest horses wild. They make sure the horses they remove go to wonderful homes. In a world where places are wiping out entire herds with no regard to what happens to the horses after the fact, I think how they handle the Pryor horses is pretty good.

I wish some of the folks who are commenting and outraged really understood the reasoning. I wish they would take the time to educate themselves on the unique situation in the Pryors. I have seen some very ignorant and uneducated comments regarding the removals. Having been out there and having taken the time to listen and learn, I understand that in reality it is the only way to ensure that the horses that are left do thrive. This does not make me "pro round up". This means I understand the situation in the Pryors. And it gives me peace to know that they make sure that these horses go to good homes... Homes where they have a purpose and have a chance and bring joy to those who are lucky enough to get chosen to have them.
 Meriweather was removed
Olivia was also removed.