Friday, March 8, 2013

My how quickly things change. That thing I was so excited for only a month and a half ago blew up in my face in an epic way. I was left stunned and pretty devastated. Oh well I guess, pick myself up & move on. I am determined to salvage 2013.

My move home is only about 6 weeks away at this point. I am still selling my life off piece by piece - but not fast enough! Good news is that I am getting WAY more back on my 2011 tax return. Thank goodness for procrastination! That money is coming at the perfect time and that takes a bit of stress off of me. I am very much looking forward to getting back to Alberta and starting fresh. I have just had way too much disappointment thrown at me over the last few years.
I must start kicking my butt into high gear here with packing. I have my second and LAST saw painting started... The 'Colby' piece will unfortunately have to be passed by as I am running out of time. The pressure is getting to me a bit. I am anxious to have this done and over with.

I feel like life is just waiting for me to catch up with it right now. I am getting there. Lol!