Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Day With The Pryor Mustangs

What can I say about the day I spent amongst the Pryor Mountain Mustangs?

It was one of the most incredible things I have ever done. The whole trip was fantastic, but there was something so incredible about those horses.

I went with Steve & Nancy Cerroni of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center and 5 other folks - 4 from South Carolina and one from Ohio and I don't think I could have shared that experience with a better bunch of people!

We managed to see 118/120 of the horses up there - which was a one day record for them! The weather was beautiful, as were all of the wild flowers that were in bloom up there. They smelled so amazing - I wish I could have bottled that scent and brought it home with me.

Of course - we saw Cloud. I got a little bit of a lump in my throat when I laid eyes on him for the first time. Having watched him grow up as I grew up, it was truly an emotional and magical moment.

He is certainly showing his age - battle scars and all. But he is still spunky and full of life.

The horses are so trusting and accepting of people coming into their home. That makes the experience that much more special. I was sitting on a little rock ledge just watching Cloud graze. It was like sitting in my own yard watching my horse graze. He was close enough to walk up to and touch.

Watching them interact and just BE horses was so fascinating! They truly are majestic creatures and it was so mumbling to watch these guys in person.

NOW - before I even got this posted - I ended up with 2 extra weeks off in between quitting my job ad starting at my new one so I decided I was going to go back to Cody. Then - I asked the folks at the center if they had any room for me to go and they had ONE spot left for the 23rd. I said "I WILL TAKE IT!!". So - back to the Pryors I go!! I cannot WAIT!!