Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just A Few Photos I Took.....

Just wanted to share a few pictures I snapped on Easter Sunday at my Uncle's lady friend's place of the 2 young roan studs she has. They are really handsome fellas....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FINALLY.... It Has Happened.....

Exciting news!! After 30 years of waiting, wishing and hoping and working.... I finally got myself a horse!

Funny story... Back around Christmas, I had mentioned to my Uncle Bob that I was casually looking for a horse and asked if he might keep his eyes & ears open for a good one for me. I had been looking on Kijiji and Facebook - but you never know what you are getting from a stranger when it comes to horses.... I would prefer to have his input where horses are concerned since he has spent his entire 60+ years on this planet around them.

Over the winter I had kinda stopped but had been starting to think about it again lately.

Earlier last week - I has a strange number call my phone and leave a message. I looked the number up online and didn't recognize the name. I meant to listen to it but it had slipped my mind.....

Good Friday morning - I sat down and scoured Kijiji over my coffee.... then I thought to myself 'Maybe I should call Uncle Bob....' THEN... I out of the blue thought about that message... and then it dawned on me - the name... it was that of his lady friend! So I checked the message - that was going to be automatically deleted that day - and sure enough - it was him telling me he had a horse in mind for me and it belonged to her.

So - of course - I drove the 60k out to her farm to take a look at him. It was love at first sight. We took him out for a little ride - and he didn't throw me off. So I bought him! She gave me a great deal on him... I think she just wanted him to be loved. She picked him up from an older couple who had to move into town. She had hoped he might be a good horse for her grandkids, but he has some issues that made him a bit too much for kids to ride him. But - he is the perfect first horse for a 31 year old girl like me!

He is a spunky 23 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. Scooter is his name.

As you can see - the saddle he is sporting is not the saddle I bought last year.... They had one there for sale that was brand new - and comfy... so I bought that too! the saddle that I have - my uncle is gonna fix it up so I will have 2. And of course - as soon as I left the farm - I went out and bought more stuff for him!

I am so very excited! A life long dream has finally come true and I am proud of myself for making it happen. He is going to spend the rest of his days getting spoiled and loved to death by a horse crazy little girl who has waited her whole life to have him. Good Friday 2014 will go down as a GREAT Friday! I can honestly say that I haven't been this ecstatic in a long time... But this last year that I have been back here just keeps getting better and better every day!