Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

My goodness! I have been neglecting this thing for a LONG time!! Hope everyone is doing well!

I have been busy - I have a lot of commissions on my plate right now. 'Mike & Joe' got finished up and is about to be given as a gift to Mike by the gal who took the photo of them before Joe died. I am so excited to see the photos of his reaction! Makes it all worth while!

I sent out another piece for a young fellow who just wanted me to draw him a grazing clydesdale after he sw my other grazing draft and really liked it. I am also still working on the piece 'Chip' that he is going to give to his grandpa.

Then there is Saad, a gorgeous Akhal-Teke that I am doing for a lady in Norway. He is slow going - and I drew him a little too big. Now I have to try and bring him down a few nothches and I am having some trouble with that. Oh the frustration! If only I could quit my job and do this full time!
Aside from all of the commissions on my plate, when I get sick of doing the tasks at hand, I find myself "experimenting" with little drawings on scrapbook paper woth interesting prints on them. I love drawing on papers with an already existing abstract looking background. It adds so much to a drawing I think!
ALSO - I think my last post happened before I got my cat. I now have a little buddy for my studio! He is just so great and I can't get enough of the little guy! I feel like he was my missing piece. Yeah it sounds corny - but I love having a kitty!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So - I have this idea. I want to start a newsletter for equine artists. Like - a newsletter you get in the mail. I wan to do it every other month, with a "20 questions" kinda interview with a fellow artist to get to know them a little better, maybe product reviews from other artists, updates on new works done by artists, contests, perhaps classifieds... done in full colour, available as a subscription. I will research what it will cost me to make them and mail them . I do not want to make money from it - I would just like to share things with people in an old fashioned way!! I know with the Facebook and Twitter and the internet - it may be hard to get interest - but I still hope that enough people might be intrigued by the idea of getting something they can sit down and flip through with a cup of coffee. Just a little "homemade", sent out with love little newsletter done by a fellow artist - and filled with news and things about their peers. It sure as heck won't be as spectacular as the Horses in Art magazine - but I would like it to be personal and well though out and something that you all can participate in! I have been posting up on Facebook this idea I have - but I have not been getting the response that I would have liked. I hope you may take an interest in this and let me know if you do! I will research and come up with costs and ideas and let you know! Email me at if you wanna be in this loop!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well - again - another long overdue post! Boy have I been busy with commission work as of late! Is sure is exciting for me! I feel like my dreams are starting ti come true where my art is concerned! I was even asked by a gal all the way in NORWAY to draw her absolutely STUNNING Akhal-Teke, Saad! I am looking forward to that piece very much! It is just tough to keep up right now with work and all! Such a busy place - and I am on my feet all day - I am just totally exhausted at the end of the day.Sometimes it is hard to muster up any ambition at all!! My drawing a day adventure was thwarted when I went back to work and that was really disappointing to me. So, here are two pieces from recent days. The bottom one is a commission piece for a friend of a friend of hers and his recently passed horse. It is a sort of unfamiliar territory for me - as I do not draw people that often. But I like the way it is progressing! Then, up at the top is a small piece that I did on suede mat. I hit the jackpot at the framers with mat pieces!! It is cheaper than most paper and it is way better to draw on!! I think I have a few final touches to do on him and then I am gonna put him up for sale! :) Anyways, I must be off.... to get ready to WORK on a Saturday. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So - I am moved in!! My studio is just about a studio again!

I have decided, after several fellow artists began doing this themselves, to embark upon a 'drawing a day' challenge. I am in desperate need of some inspiration and I think the new studio space will be the cure to my dry spell! A good way to learn, improve and discipline myself might be to force myself to do one piece of work a day. Some days, they may be small, quick and not very well thought out. But they will be one effort more than was putting in before. I hope you will all join me and follow my latest adventure!! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holy smokes! Has it REALLY been over a month and a half since my last post?? Yeah - I guess I have been slacking off!! My studio is still in boxes - and will be for another week - then it's moving day! I am so excited to get my new studio set up and to get back to work! I have a few pieces to finish up and then I will start some new ones - and I am hopefully going to make an attempt at doing a piece a day - al a Linda Shantz! I did dig out a few supplies and start a piece though... the one pictured here! It is going to be a challenge! Getting the rough draft done was entertaining enough! I kept getting confused by the stripes! the photo was one that I got from the Morgue File site. They have got thousands of free reference photos available!! awesome site - check it out! So - as I will be all by myself for what looks to be the vast magority of the summer (boooo out of town work) I should be posting a little more regularily as I will have free time coming out my ears!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

OK! So I have got the camera problem figured out!! AND I have got a new Canon camera on it's way to me thanks to my wonderful man.... and Air Miles! This pat week has been a whirlwind - as we have been going through the process of buying our first house!! We got the final approval from the mortgage company yesterday! The house is great! It is very unique.... and it is "artsy". I love it. i am so excited!! The master bedroom is a loft up in the house... and THAT is going to be my studio!! I will post picture when it is all set up! It is a great little space... and it is bigger than what I have now.

Now - I have started a commision. Here it is. Titled "Chip". He is a pony belonging to the cousin of a friend. I started it - and have to take a break from it - as I have to pack my studio up... and the rest of my house! We are trying to get possesion early - like three weeks from now. So I am going to be BUSY for the next few weeks!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So - my computer crashed! I lost all my photos!! I have them all backed up on discs.... but the discs aren't labelled or in the same spot. Haha. ALSO - I can't find my Kodak program disc for my camea. Oh the frustration. I have no pictures to post right now - but I am working on a clydesdale piece that someone wanted me to do for them. It's a paying job - and that makes me happy!! I also have another commision coming up!! Right now we are house hunting. I went to look at a place yesterday and it has the PERFECT space for me to have a studio! My other half is away and he doesn't think the house feels right! He hasn't even looked at it!! I didn't think it did either.... until I saw it!! It needs some renos - that's what we want! The shop on the property is amazing! PLUS there is a hot tub and a koi pond!!! I want it. I have to take him there when he is back for 2 days next week. I want him to love the house too!!! I am gonna have to try and sell it to him. Haha - never mind the realitor!! Sudio space is soooo important to me! This place is exactly what I am looking for!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have been doing some little 3"x5" acrylic paintings as of late. Keep the creativity flowing - but not getting too deep into projects that I don't finish! These are the two I have finished. 'Pouting' and 'L'il Itch'. Both are for sale for $10 each!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recently, some friends of ours had to put their dog down. She had lived her life - and while you could still see the spirit and life in her eyes, her body was giving up on her. So - the heartbreaking decision to let her go was made. Now - I thought it would be nice to draw her for them for a surprise. I am not too experienced with drawing dogs... so it is slow going! I have been working on the rough sketch for the last week - trying to capture her to a tee. It is coming along slowly. I want everyone who sees it to go "Hey! That's Boo!". S0 - anyways, I just thought I would drop in and let you all know what was up since I hadn't written in a while! A picture of the progress should be posted soon!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am having rant.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than having the urge to be creative - but no ambition to do it sometimes. I am sitting here feeling it on the inside... but on the outside, I am just like all "I wanna sit around in my jammies, drink wine and watch cartoons... and eat stuff." GEEZ!! It is like battling DEMONS within!! Hungry alcoholic LAZY demons... or teenage children! Hahaha! Seriously though - I think and I hope that once the sun starts shining more that I can get back my energy and ambition and can find the urge to spend more time USING my vast amount of art supplies rather than buying an additional vast amount to go with the existing vast amount that I already have... and have to PACK when we move! We are looking at a house this weekend that seems to have an fabulous spot for a studio in it!!! It also is a piece of land where I could eventually build a studio separate from the house!! Yay yay yay!! So excited to look - not TOO excited yet tough! Gotta go look at it first!! We will see I guess! Woo! Life is goooood and getting better!! I wish, however that I was able to draw full time. That is the other part. I work all day and sometimes just don't have the energy to do much after work. :( It sucks sometimes!! All I have ever wanted to do with myself was draw. it is so impractical to me though. I seriously could never imagine EVER being able to make a living at it!! I have SOOOOOO much respect for my peers who do though! Respect and envy! I know what I want to be when I grow up FINALLY - but I know I have to work at a dead-end job that I like - but don't think it will ever get me anywhere just to support my drawing habit. I hope to find a way to get my butt out there - but it is tough!! Especially with the economy in the state that is in! Do I think that people will have the extra cash to buy doodles that some day dreamin' transplanted to Vancouver Island Alberta girl did when she had an urge??? NO! Do I HOPE that someone will go 'Hey!! That's cool!!' and buy it?? hell yeah I do!! I sometimes wonder WHY I wasn't good at math or science or whatever it is that got people into good paying jobs... or CAREERS. Nope! I had to be good at drawing. Hahaha - If it hadn't been for the special projects program I took in grade 12 for art, odds are good I would STILL be in high school now!! So what do I do with this gift/curse?? Gift in the sense that I can create - curse in the sense that I have no clue how to use it to it's full potential!! I am so very fortunate - and humbled to have made so many AWESOME and extraordinarily talented artist friends on Facebook and here. I only hope to be able to learn from them all and find my way to success as they all have. I'm sure everyone has had their struggles and yet they have all managed to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I am just feeling my way through the dark right now!! I am a VERY stubborn and determined gal. ask my boyfriend!! :P When I put my mind to something - and want it bad enough, there is little that can stop me from getting it. I have just come to realize over the years that sometimes you have to be patient. Don't give up when it won't happen over night. If you have to put it on the back burner and let it simmer for a bit til it's good to go - then that's just how it is. Patience is a virtue - and I don't think I spelled patience right. Hmmmm.... will have too look at that more. Blame it on the wine!! A wonderful Australian Red. McWilliams - Cab Sav... I think. the bottle is empty and downstairs! Gee whiz - it is long past this Island Cowgirl's bedtime. I have to work at my unfufilling boring job tomorrow. Living for the weekend I am these days!! I wish you all a good night - and I thank you if you have made it to the end of my stressed out rant thing that just happened here!!

This is what I have been working on lately, 'Jack & Ginger'. It is a watercolor painting of the quarter horse colt my boyfriend had when he worked on a ranch and his mother. I had originally started to draw it as a pencil piece but it just didn't feel right. I pondered it for a while and decided that watercolor was what it needed to be done in. It is a bit of a mess right now - but I hope to have it done and looking good for him soon - as it was part of his Christmas present!! Hehehe!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love art supply stores. The one here in town isn't the greatest, BUT it has it's high points. They also frame - so I can purchase mat pieces to draw on there - something that I have recently discovered. I have tried drawing on suede mat - which I LOVE - thanks to Kenna, of Sorrel Studios. She is an incredible artist. I have to admilt, I "stole" the idea from her, and I think she created a monster!!! Wonderful stuff to work on the suede mat is, but it takes some getting used to!!! I have also found other types of mat wonderful to draw on! Like today, I came across this mat that has a denim look to it - and an incredible texture, though it was on the green side. I drew this palomino appy youngster, 7.5"x9.5" on it. I am offering it for sale at $25.00. If you are interested, e-mail me at ! He is unframed... so you can do anything you want with him!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here she is... The photo really doesn't do much for her unfortunately!!
Alright!! So - It's been a while since I have posted anything. I haven't been very inspired as of late. I have a few pieces on the go right now - and I hope to get one finished today!! I hate having these streaks where I do nothing. I feel so bad for not making use of my studio when I am not drawing!! I mean - I have ideas in my head and there is just something keeping them from getting out right now!! VERY frustrating!! I was however, able to finish 'Pastel Nightmare'. My boyfriend actually liked it before I finished it - but I went ahead and did some final details on it and it turned out well. I ended up usung colored pencils to finish it off actually! I am trying to post a picture - but i am having some issues with my computer and getting the pictures in the right files!! Haha! I am going to reboot this thing, and if that doesn't work - I am just gonna boot it period! I will post the phtot once I figure out the problem!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Forgive me Father, for I have slacked!! I am somewhat disappointed in myself. I have done nothing creative worth mentioning this week. I have been feeling a little down and bummed out and uninspired since my other half has gone back out of town to work. The first few days are tough - but I am feeling better and hope to get on it starting this evening. I have some really good ideas for some interesting pieces - I have prepped a piece of paper for something that I want to do... so I hope I can find some motivation today!! I started this blog rarin' to go and haven't had much to post aside from old pieces!! So - I hope to have something to show after this weekend!! I leave you with a photo of where the "magic" happens! Not a great space to work - but it's all I've got until we move. Most of the time, I end up spread out on the living room floor - in fornt of big south facing window!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I must admit - I am having a great visit with my honey - and as much as I want him to stay, I cannot wait to get back to devoting all my free time to drawing! This is huge for me, especially since I spent most of the last 2 and a half years wishing that I had "the urge". It's wierd, I can go for 6 monthes without doing a thing and then all of a sudden, I can't stop!! Hopefully, I will beable to be a little more consistent with my work now that I am extra inspired and motivated!! I actually had an interesting idea for a piece the other day. I started it today and hope to finish it within the next few days. It is top secret since I am not sure if it will even turn out! I do love an experiment though!! Hopefully I will have something new to post by the end of sunday!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is so encouraging to see that people are taking an interest in what I'm doing here! I have only been on here for a few days and already, in my opinion, I am fairing pretty well!! I thank everyone who has decided to follow my blog! Being an artist has been a dream of mine for years, and with all of the positive feed back I have been getting, I am starting to think it might be more than just the dream of a horse crazy little girl who likes to doodle. This is just the confidence boost that I need to get my butt in gear and make something out of the talent that I have been blessed with. I have taken a small break from drawing for the week, as my boyfriend is home for a visit from working out of town. But come sunday, I will be hard at work back in the studio!! I think I am going to try and finish this one... it has been a woork in progress since the fall of 2006!! :S

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I drew this one afternoon in the summer of 2008. I was bored, so I grabbed a beer and a blanket and my sketch stuff, stretched out on the lawn, suntanned and managed to do this piece!!

This is the first piece that I did on my trip to Campbell River in 2006. I was quite happy with the way it turned out!! It is a little too big to put on the scanner - and the photograph didn't go too well!!

This is a piece that I have titled 'Pastel Night Mare'. It is not finished!! I had started to experiment with oil pastels.... and then I just kinda got to this point - and STUCK!! I haven't touched it in a few weeks now. Perhaps it is meant to be one in the series of unfinished works that I seem to have unintentionally been adding to for years!! I like it - I think it looks nice - it has just given me a lot of grief!! Ooooh - and I just noticed how bad the ears are! :S Hahaha!! We will see where this one ends up!!

Here is another piece that I have done. I did it in 2006 sometime. I actually had a fella on my Facebook ask me if I would sell him a copy for him to give to his grandpa. So, I copied it on my printer - and it came out alright. I feel bad charging someone for something that was only photocopied!! I told him that when he gets it, he can send whatever he wants, just as long as postage is covered! It was so flattering to get that message from someone. It really made my day! This might be a good one to get prints done of. A lot of people really seem to like it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So - this is just a quick little doodle I did on some scrapbook paper that I found at the DOLLAR STORE!! Haha! I love to go there and find different papers and things to experimment with! This paper had a lovely texture to it - it sort of looks like stone or something! The only bad thing is it's pretty light weight - so one has to be careful on it! Otherwise it took the coloured pencil quite nicely I think! I will gradually add old pieces on here as well as new ones as I go!! Thank you to everyone who has checked out my blog so far!! I have a group on Facebook as well!! Please check it out!!

What exactly is a "BLOG"??

Alright - I am new to this!! Haha - how hard can it be, right??

I guess I will start out with a little story - pretty much about how I got to this point. I will leave out all of the boring stuff, so this will be a short story! I am 26 years old, living in Campbell River, BC on beautiful Vancouver island. I have been here for 2 and a half years. I like to draw... so much so in fact, that I would like to be an artist when I grow up. Seeing as I have decided it is time to grow up, I have also decided it is time to be a little more proactive in my attempt to make a name for myself in the wonderful world of equine art. My work was not getting seen sitting hidden in sketchbooks and portfolios collecting dust in a room. I have started my own Facebook group dedicated to my work and have made some wonderful contacts over that last little while.

I have always been fascinated by horses. It wasn't until high school that I really began to discover myself artistically. I was the girl who always drew horses and that always seemed to worry me a bit. well - it did until grade 11. It was late in the school year and one day at the end of the class, my art teacher pulled me off to the side and told me that a fella who framed pictures and had a small gallery in his home had seen some of my work up in a local restaurant that our class had pieces displayed in. He left my art teacher his card because he had wanted me to do some pieces up for the cowboy poetry and art exhibition later that summer. The nicest part was that I was the only one in the whole art program that got that opportunity!! I was fairly successful there. i sold just about everything I took! Well, he had eventually moved back to England and I just got so wrapped up in school and then started to work and party after graduating. I let my art fall by the wayside, only stopping every now and then to do a 'doodle' here or there.

In 2005, I met a nice guy at a jobsite. He returned to Campbell River and I came to visit him that August. I brought some sketching materials with me and while he was at work, I sat out in the sun in his back yard and went on to do 7 or 8 of the best pieces I had ever done up to that point. there was just something so inspiring and comfortable about this place that I couldn't deny. So, the following June, I loaded up my Ford Ranger and made the long drive from Edmonton Alberta to Campbell River.

The hardest part about doing the sort of work that I do here is that this isn't the same atmospere as Alberta. You see more art done of boats and birds and water than you do of horses. My goal for 2009 is to get horses out there!! I might have an advantage being one of the only artists in this town to draw horses so it would be unique and people will eat it up!! OR it just won't fly!! There is only one way to find out!

I hope to "chronicle" my journey as an 'up and coming' artist here in this blog. If not up and coming, them coming and going!!