Sunday, April 12, 2009

So - my computer crashed! I lost all my photos!! I have them all backed up on discs.... but the discs aren't labelled or in the same spot. Haha. ALSO - I can't find my Kodak program disc for my camea. Oh the frustration. I have no pictures to post right now - but I am working on a clydesdale piece that someone wanted me to do for them. It's a paying job - and that makes me happy!! I also have another commision coming up!! Right now we are house hunting. I went to look at a place yesterday and it has the PERFECT space for me to have a studio! My other half is away and he doesn't think the house feels right! He hasn't even looked at it!! I didn't think it did either.... until I saw it!! It needs some renos - that's what we want! The shop on the property is amazing! PLUS there is a hot tub and a koi pond!!! I want it. I have to take him there when he is back for 2 days next week. I want him to love the house too!!! I am gonna have to try and sell it to him. Haha - never mind the realitor!! Sudio space is soooo important to me! This place is exactly what I am looking for!

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