Saturday, January 19, 2013

So my day off wasn't so bad. However I did none of the things I had wanted to do - except for half of the dishes. Lol! I had a well deserved jammie day on the couch in front of the tv watching GH and Days and Frasier & 7th Heaven repeats that I pvr'd. As guilty as I felt for being so unproductive, I really needed that time to recharge. And I can try to make the best of the two more days I have to take off before the 31st.... Hoping I can get up the motivation to start 'Colby'. This is a blessing in disguise I guess. I look at commissions as work. I think that's why I shy away from them for the most part. As soon as I am drawing for someone else, it's not a hobby. Lol! Plus the pressure associated with getting the horse just right - so the person you are drawing it for recognizes it.... and feels the connection to the piece. Sometimes I don't feel like I can capture that. That's why I like to draw random horses.... that most people don't know. Then I just hope they like the piece and want to buy it because it's pretty!

I also have a piece that I am supposed to be working on - painting logging machinery on a 6 foot ling cross cut saw. I have done one before. It was a 30+ hour job, in which I made less than minimum wage on. Ugh! Lol! It was for a friend's dad for Christmas last year. I swore I'd never do it again, but then he decided he wanted one for himself and convinced me to do one for him as well. I couldn't say no. The look on his face when he saw the finished piece for his dad made me feel good. I am a bloody sucker. I just have to buckle down and clean my studio up as it has been overrun by all of my things that I am in the midst of trying to sell.

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