Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome To My Little Herd Montana!

So... I was CASUALLY thinking about looking for another horse... or donkey or mule.

There was a potential donkey... but that fell through due to some very sketchy circumstances.

Then I spied a mule on a Facebook group. The list before me was a mile long. I threw my hat into the ring. Alas... he was snapped up.

A few days later I was messaged by a gal who runs a rescue/rehab for horses suggesting that a mare that she had might be a good fit for me after a friend of mine mentioned it to her. We chatted some about her and then decided to go see her.

So on Saturday - that same friend of mine dragged her trailer down to Alix Alberta with me to see this mare.

Montana is a 10 year old Percheron cross. Crossed with what - I have no clue. She is green broke but has the fundamentals and the right attitude and a willingness to please. She is friendly and well mannered... except when we went to load her. Haha. Had a little bareback ride on her in the round pen. She was a bit hesitant and I was a bit clueless... and nervous having 2 riding instructors watching me. But in all fairness - we were new to each other and the trust will take time.

SO.... needless to say the trailer didn't come back empty! Meet Montana! Looking forward to learning and growing with this girl!

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