Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So - I have this idea. I want to start a newsletter for equine artists. Like - a newsletter you get in the mail. I wan to do it every other month, with a "20 questions" kinda interview with a fellow artist to get to know them a little better, maybe product reviews from other artists, updates on new works done by artists, contests, perhaps classifieds... done in full colour, available as a subscription. I will research what it will cost me to make them and mail them . I do not want to make money from it - I would just like to share things with people in an old fashioned way!! I know with the Facebook and Twitter and the internet - it may be hard to get interest - but I still hope that enough people might be intrigued by the idea of getting something they can sit down and flip through with a cup of coffee. Just a little "homemade", sent out with love little newsletter done by a fellow artist - and filled with news and things about their peers. It sure as heck won't be as spectacular as the Horses in Art magazine - but I would like it to be personal and well though out and something that you all can participate in! I have been posting up on Facebook this idea I have - but I have not been getting the response that I would have liked. I hope you may take an interest in this and let me know if you do! I will research and come up with costs and ideas and let you know! Email me at if you wanna be in this loop!!

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