Friday, October 23, 2009

My goodness! I have been neglecting this thing for a LONG time!! Hope everyone is doing well!

I have been busy - I have a lot of commissions on my plate right now. 'Mike & Joe' got finished up and is about to be given as a gift to Mike by the gal who took the photo of them before Joe died. I am so excited to see the photos of his reaction! Makes it all worth while!

I sent out another piece for a young fellow who just wanted me to draw him a grazing clydesdale after he sw my other grazing draft and really liked it. I am also still working on the piece 'Chip' that he is going to give to his grandpa.

Then there is Saad, a gorgeous Akhal-Teke that I am doing for a lady in Norway. He is slow going - and I drew him a little too big. Now I have to try and bring him down a few nothches and I am having some trouble with that. Oh the frustration! If only I could quit my job and do this full time!
Aside from all of the commissions on my plate, when I get sick of doing the tasks at hand, I find myself "experimenting" with little drawings on scrapbook paper woth interesting prints on them. I love drawing on papers with an already existing abstract looking background. It adds so much to a drawing I think!
ALSO - I think my last post happened before I got my cat. I now have a little buddy for my studio! He is just so great and I can't get enough of the little guy! I feel like he was my missing piece. Yeah it sounds corny - but I love having a kitty!

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