Sunday, July 7, 2013

Settling In....

Well... Long time no talk!

As you can see, I have undergone a name change. Welcome to 'Prairie Fire Equine & Wildlife Art!!

My new email is:!

So I have made the move back to Alberta.... and things could not be better!! What a positive change this was for me. I just look back at how miserable and out of place I was and how sad I was. I haven't missed BC for a single second. I have found a job that I love, reconnected with old friends and have made new ones. I have had opportunities to photograph horses and cattle - among other things and I have started painting again!
This is a piece I am currently working on - from a photo I took. I am calling her 'The Bachelorette'. 
This guy also got sketched up yesterday - from a photo taken on my drive back from BC. I am on the fence about either doing it as an acrylic piece or a watercolor piece. I also prepped another canvas for another piece from one of my cow photos. Keeping myself busy!!! I am really determined to get myself back on the map as an artist and I feel that I can do this here.... I feel that my style of art belongs here. Ultimately, I would like to get myself into the Cowboy Poetry & Art fest next year.That takes place in Stony Plain, That is where I got my start about 15 years ago. 

In other news, I have decided that it is time that I get myself a horse. So I have kind of started to look for one. I don't imagine that I will get one until the spring... I am certainly not going to rush into it. I want to make sure I find my perfect equine match. I figure that I will send the winter getting all the necessary gear for a horse so I am prepared when I get the horse. I kicked it off and bought a halter yesterday. It was a great deal - blowout price at Lammles! Lol! I couldn't resist! I was also looking at saddles there.... and I have my eye on one.... Maybe for my birthday!! 

These photos were taken at Farmer's Days in Stony Plain at the horse pull! What a great day that was. I have a particular soft spot for draft horses. 

There were all taken at my friend Vanessa's farm. She was very kind and allowed to me come out and photograph her her animals - especially the Canadian horses. Not only that, it was so wonderful to spend the day catching up with her since we hadn't seen each other in a good 14 years. Her kids were great as well... and that's a big deal coming from m! Lol!!. Farm kids are the best - not corrupted by video games and garbage TV. Covered head to toe in dirt and loving every second of it. I had such a great day out there. I got a few hundred great photos to work from too! It was a very sad drive back to town. Lol! I can't wait for the day when I can finally move my butt out into the country and live happily ever after. 

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