Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scooter... I have Taken Possesion....

Well - yesterday my Uncle and Allicia delivered my new 4 legged baby to his home.
He was a bit antsy at first - seeing a lot of new horses and some cows. I gave him a good brushing, lots of treats and love and then we got to go for a ride at Hasse lake.
We trailered 6 horses down there for my friend's niece's birthday ride. He loaded onto the trailer like a pro! I am a very proud gal! We got there and it had just started to snow very lightly. He loves going for rides. He wanted to be the leader of the pack... and was always way ahead of everyone. He just gets it in his head to go - and he goes. Guess that's the Walker in him. We need to work on his "autopilot issues" a bit I think - but all in all he is a wonderful trail horse. He was great having 4 little girls fawning all over him and he was over all a real gentleman. I couldn't be happier!
I look back on the tough times that I have had over the last few years and some of the decisions that I had to make and I see that they have all led me to this.
I could have ended up married. Right now I would have an alcoholic and endless misery... but instead I have my freedom, the knowledge that EVERYTHING I have I have worked for myself and I have finally caught the break that I deserve. This is my reward for all of the hurt, struggles and hard work that I have endured.
I am very much looking forward to spending as much free time as I can on him... and I think I have officially given up on finding the perfect man now. I have the guy of my dreams.... he just so happens to be a horse....

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