Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Wyoming....

Here is a photo I took on the way to Cody. What a beautiful drive that was.
I wish I could have stopped and taken photos of everything.... but if I did that - I would still be there now!
I am starting to plan my trip back next summer. I would love to spend some time chasing wild horses as I had to skip it this trip.... and maybe catch the Cody Stampede.... I for sure want to spend the 4th of July down there as well.
I want to delve further into the art scene there... see as much as I can and learn more about the old west history that made Wyoming.
I wish I could be in Jackson right now for the auction.... The greatness that auction is presenting is out of this world! \I was fortunate enough to walk through the works they had collected up until June.... and it was humbling. Particularly the Norman Rockwell piece of John Wayne.

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