Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trying Something New...

SO - I went to the tack sale in Stony Plain yesterday. I found a synthetic English saddle for $10.
Hmm. OK! So I bought it... among other things....
I have NEVER sat in an English saddle... until today. I had to borrow a girth... that is typically used on big fat Canadian mares.
Now - the stirrups are a bit higher up so I had to get on his back from the tailgate of my truck, therefor I did not put any weight on the stirrup. I trotted him up and down the driveway and tested it out. It was ok! Except for the moment when he kinda sped up and I wasn't prepared and I went to grab the horn....
When I went to dismount.... THIS happened. He is such a good horse. He just stood there while I reefed on the saddle to try to fix it. When that didn't work - I had to reef on the buckles to take the girth off and they were pulled tightly because of the way the saddle had spun.
On another note regarding his progress - today when I went to catch him he actually came to me. I got into the habit of only taking a lead rope when I caught him when he was hard to catch and just leading him out like a dog. Today - just to see how he'd react - I tossed the rope over his neck - didn't secure it - and I started walking.... and he walked as if I was leading him. I even let go of the rope and he carried on. IO am so thrilled with the progress I have made with getting him to trust me!

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