Thursday, June 4, 2015

23 Sleeps To Go.....

I am 23 sleeps away from my epic road trip!

I caved in and booked hotels/motels. I also booked a tour in the Pryor Mountains( with the hopes of spotting Cloud!!

So I am spending the night of June 28th & 29th in Lovell.

Then to Deadwood I go for 3 nights at Deadwood Dicks (, right off of main street. I have a goal of having a drink in every notable saloon in the area. I am also planning to take a drive to Rushmore. I cannot be that close and NOT go see it.

Then, off to Cody on July 3rd for 3 nights, where I will bee staying at A Wyoming Inn ( I have my stampede tickets paid for for the 3rd & 4th and I am hoping to catch thee night rodeo on the 5th.

I am only winging it on the nights of June 27th and July 7th. I am hoping to take a wander through Yellowstone as I make my way back home.

Anyways - here are a few photos from the last week! Enjoy!

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