Monday, November 30, 2015

Growing Like Weeds

These little guys are getting so big!
The runt is still tiny. I didn't see her when I got there yesterday and was afraid she may have died. But then I spotted her little butt poking out of the hay.
Sadly - 2 more have been lost and there are only 19 left.
The hazards are obvious when you have mamas weighing hundreds of pounds versus little ones weight only a handful. :( Such is farm life.

The runt. She is so cute.

Above is the dad of all these babies. He is so patient. He goes for a nap and almost all of the  babies swarm him and cuddle up to get warm.

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  1. What a cuties they are! I know that pigs are shown to be lazy and messy animals but they are so cute on this photos.My friend from says the she can't hold herself but really wants to hug them.