Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Twist on Sherpherd's Pie

As per my Saturday usual, I found myself playing min the kitchen again.
This week: Shepherd's Pie.
I don't do a traditional shepherd's pie by any stretch.
Here is show I make mine!
What you need:
2 or so carrots, halved and sliced
Handful of garlic cloves - minced
A shallot or an onion - finely chopped
Celery (I use the tender center part of the celery, leaves and all), roughly chopped
Mushrooms - I used a half pound - roughly chopped.
Frozen peas and corn. Fresh if you can!
Olive Oil
6-8 good sized potatoes. I used up some reds from last weekend and added yellows.
Sour cream
Grated cheese
Can of mushroom soup
Packet of gravy power
Smoked paprika
1lb ground beef
1lb ground pork
In a large pot, heat up some butter and olive oil.... or just oil. Start to cook down the carrots as they will take the longest.
Add the shallot/onion and garlic, mushrooms, celery and some salt and pepper. I cracked the pepper myself with the mortar & pestle. Add some basil if you'd like.
In a bowl, mix the coup and the powdered gravy and ass a little paprika. I just love the smoky taste - it's not necessary though.
Get the potatoes boiling.
Once the veggies are cooked down, add the frozen peas and corn - I did about 3/4 cup each.
Mix the veggies with the soup and set aside.
Brown the meat in the same pot. I use a pot that can also go in the oven to save on mess.
Once the meat is cooked, dump the veggie/soup mix into the pot - or mix all together on a casserole dish.
When the potatoes are ready, drain them.
melt a quarter to a third of a cup of butter in the pot and get some minced garlic cooking.
put the potatoes back in the pot, mash and add about a cup of sour cream.
Spread over top of the meat mixture. Top potatoes with grated cheese and bake in a 350* oven for about a half hour.
If the gravy bubbles up over the cheese - skim it off, add some more. toss a little bit of bread crumbs on there and broil if you want that crispy cheese crusty top. That's the best.
Let sit for a bit and then enjoy!
For days....

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