Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ignorance and Arrogance... Part of Horsemanship?

Here is my vent of the day:
How can a woman - who - judging by the weathered and perma-sour look on her face appears to be in her late fifties - find it acceptable to be a bully?
Yes - I have little experience with horses. I am LEARNING... MY OWN WAY. There is more than ONE way to work with a horse. There is nothing wrong with the way I am choosing to build a relationship with either of the horses. I do not agree with her ideas and methods but I do not act like a know it all bitch to her. I try to ignore her and walk away from her as to keep it classy and not cause issues as we have a common friend and keep our horses at the same location. I have shown amazing restraint thus far - as anyone who knows me knows that I do not back down from a fight like a coward. I do not need unsolicited commentary from a narrow minded "trainer/coach" when I did not ask for it. The way she is acting towards me is as if she just strolled on out of the birth canal knowing every single thing there is to know about horses. I went to go get Scooter's dinner and asked someone else to hold Reno. Today was 'let's learn what a bit is ' day. I walk up to her and the "trainer" is holding Reno's lead and whipping him in the ass with the end of it because he wasn't walking for her. He had been walking just fine for me and that's what matters. I promptly grabbed the rope from her and told her she was done. She made some snarky comment about how she had to walk away because she couldn't watch anymore and she referred to him as being a spoiled horse. This is a woman who called western saddles "torture devices", said there are no bad horses, only bad people, said she hates ignorant people - a comment that almost caused me to DIE of laughter considering she is one of the most ignorant and arrogant people I have ever met, she said every time she sees someone grab a saddle horn she wants to cut it off and she also had a smart ass comment over the summer when I went for a ride wearing a tube top which was relayed to me by a child. If I want her advice I will write her a check. I just cannot understand why she cannot mind her own business and let me be. Walking past her is similar to walking past the mean girl in a junior high hallway. It is just flat out pathetic to think a woman of her age can be so narrow minded and out right rude and judgmental! Women are supposed to support each other and build each other up... AGAIN.... a reminder of why I have very few female friends. She is the reason people think horse people are stuck up. She makes me wanna vomit. Vent over.

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