Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Pick Me Up...

So - in the midst of all the sadness... I had had a friend text me Sunday evening telling me she had found a GREAT deal on flights to Vegas... for the following Saturday. Kind of short notice.... Yes. But that's how I like to take trips. I texted my boss. He wasn't sure if any of my coworkers had the Monday and Tuesday booked already, so texted all of them and they didn't. So he told me to go ahead.

Then I started to think about it.... OMG! NFR WEEK! So my friend searched and was able to find us a pair of tickets to Monday night's performance! It has been a dream of mine to go to the NFR forever! So this spur of the moment bucket list trip has been the one thing to keep me from being an emotional disaster this week. Every time I wanna cry in public, I think about the NFR. I feel really guilty for being so happy, but fate seemed to want me to go. Kitty angel maybe wanted me to stop being sad and start being awesome? Maybe between my kitty and my mommy angel they made this happen for me. And of course my very thoughtful friend who decided I needed something big and exciting to get me through this difficult time.

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